So my life’s changed dramatically in the last 4 months and the amount of changes and amount of, I wouldn’t necessarily say “bad” but crappy things that have happened are pretty funny. I know I’m not the only one who thinks my struggles are funny. So I thought why not put some of this on the internet, in hopes someone will actually read this and I’m not actually just sitting here typing on and on to myself. So if you’ve made it this far might as well stay and keep reading. Might be worth it, might not be.

May 2015- Last month of high school! Exciting maybe? Ehh. Only part exciting about it was the fact that I was moving back to my home, California. So skipping to the part after graduation. Turns out I’m moving 5 days after my graduation. Forgot to mention; I’m moving back to California without my family. Just me by my lonesome. So packed up my small room and my dad and I shoved everything in the back of my car. Said some of the hardest goodbyes I’d ever said in my life on May 24th. My family and I are all best friends so saying goodbye to all your best friends at once hits you like a freight train. May 25th; made the 18 hour drive from Colorado to California with my dad. So we got here that day around 9pm. Made it to my new humble abode which so happened to be a tiny room in my cousins house. A cousin who I haven’t seen in 9 years. Talk about awkward. Hey cousin here I am with my 15 boxes of stuff where can I set up shop? She heard I was moving back and offered me a spare room in her house, so I took her up on that offer. How could anyone turn down cheap rent in California? So my dad left after about 3 days of helping me get settled in and left me here to start the adulthood chapter of my life. Terrifying. So it’s now the first day of me being here in my new life all by myself. First thing in the morning, clogged toilet. I’m in the bathroom with a clogged toilet thinking where the hell is the plunger? So the second full sentence I’ve said to my cousin is “Hey uh do you have a plunger?” Not only that but she mainly speaks Spanish, which I do speak fluently but occasionally forget certain words. So imagine how awkward it is when the second sentence she hears from me is mumbling “Uh do you?” as I think of how to say the word plunger in Spanish. I’m just killer at first impressions. So great, turns out the plunger was in the bathroom hidden. Next thing I ¬†was asking myself was “How the heck does this plunger work?” Thanks for teaching me how to unclog a toilet high school. Later on that day I ended up taking myself to the beach and as I walked back to my car there it was. Yellow and flapping under my windshield wiper. My first parking ticket. Little tip to living in California, read the signs wherever you park! So that was the very start of living on my own away from home. There’s so much more thats happened and endless awkward encounters so if you’re interested in hearing more let me know. If you think I’m kidding, I literally have a list of the things that have happened to me in the notes on my phone. Things I’m sure anyone who isn’t me will find amusing although I do occasionally pull out my list to give me a good laugh to get me through the day. Always looking on the bright side.